The following are some comments from our residents and their families . . .


"Knowing Mom is able to live in the lovely and caring environment provided by the Villas of Holly Brook in Monticello is a wonderful blessing to us. She knows she is loved and valued by the entire staff, who willingly and cheerfully share their expertise and talents every day. Our town is very fortunate to have the Villas here in our community."

- Ann Hehn, Monticello, IL


"My mom moved in recently and we are super impressed. It is beautifully decorated, homey, and has all the amenities I would want for her. The employees - from management, to nurses aides, to kitchen staff are extremely kind and accommodating. They treat my mom like a family member - joking around, discussing TV shows, etc. . . My children and I love visiting her because it feels like it did in her former home and more - complete with big screen televisions throughout, board games, ice cream and a pool table! Every detail is well thought out. I'm really thrilled that my mom has moved here. I know she's safe and very well cared for!!"

- Sherry R, Morton, IL


"After coming here to the Villas of Holly Brook - Monticello, to be free of responsibilities of my own home, I can say it has met my needs and provided a comfortable alternative for me. Here we have qualified, efficient, and pleasant staff led by an unusually capable and caring Director."

- Betty Jean Gantz, Monticello, IL


"I told someone yesterday maybe I am in heaven now and just don't know it. I'm so comfortable here it amazes me. All the people here take such good care of me. I have made so many friends. The Villas keeps us with lots of fun activities to do, and the food is always good.

- Barb Sheehan, Monticello, IL


"Here is a brief note about our stay here at the Villas of Holly Brook. I was in two hospitals from the end of December 2014 until the end of January 2015 and was told I couldn't go back to our home as I needed to be in Assisted Living, so our daughter got us in here. We knew nothing about this kind of living but it has turned out to be great. We have a two bedroom apartment and it feels more like home. Everyone treats us special and we've made a lot of friends. Our manager is a wonderful caring person who is terrific. He is a hands on manager and if anyone needs something he is there to take care of it. This place is beautiful and all our friends who come to visit are amazed with it. Of course everything is not perfect but it wouldn't be if we still lived at home. We've been here about 9 months now and I guess this is our home until we go to the one God has prepared for us."

- Robert & Rowena Hesler